What kind of apps do we normally deal with?

Our specialization is mainly in the domain of apps that are user-oriented and those centering around business, productivity, or social interaction, or any app that requires page by page user interaction. If you have something like a flashlight app that doesn't fall in this category, we may not be of much help simply because it doesn't have any user engagement need.But if you do have a flashlight app that uses social media to connect to different people to drive its usage, do connect with us.

Our target audience basically are product owners, app developers, app development teams and software companies in the mobility space.

What if my app doesn't fall in the standard categories or has special needs?

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We've got you covered. Eloquis has its very own dedicated team of writers who not only specialize in multiple subject areas but can quickly adapt to new domains if and when required. So no matter what the subject area of your app may be, our super secret context search capabilities will help us understand your app and make it engaging with our thoughtful in-app content.

Does Eloquis has SME in areas like healthcare, nanotechnology etc?

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Yes we do. We have the DNA of a creative content agency, an awesome network of writers with different SMEs, and we tap into our creative network's brain in such cases.

How to get started with Eloquis? Is there a website?

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Get in touch with our content development team by emailing us on wordsworth@eloquis.com or shakespear@eloquis.com and we can get started soon.

We normally respond asap, sometimes in a span of 8 hours - we do need our sleep you know ;)

a while if it's during sleep hours.

We've literally taken the lean model to our hearts. We have our services ready to go and we do take projects while we're building our product i.e. the website with all the bells and whistles. We'll have it soon up and running ;). Since you're an early customer for us - we add you directly to the beta selection program of our website.

How are revisions done and what is the turnaround time?

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We start off by analysing and understanding the context of your app, its screens and selling points. We do this via your app screenshots and a quick interview with your product team or owner.

Our writers will then write messages and share it via Google doc and share with commenting rights for you.

We allow one revision free of charge so you can buy additional revisions at a fixed price.

Turnaround time is one week to ten days. We devote good time to understand your app and its context before coming up with engaging in-app content.

How are you priced and can we afford you?

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We make sure that you get the best content without breaking your bank account as all our services are reasonably priced.